the contradiction of mind and heart

i love movies, so i have been downloading lots of movies in the internet for the past few weeks but feeling so hard to watch n complete anyone of it except a few mostly cause of my loneliness.being an expat in uae for the last 6 months is quite interesting in someways but missing my damn idiots verymuch.

we all love movies becoz it takes us to another world, to a reel fantasy world which we we wish to be our real one.movies shows us our dreams in screens,our thoughts as dialogues said by some fictional characters. the thoughts we most probably hasn’t said to anyone else but ourselves. Thats why we get so connected n related to many charecters n movies so intensely,watching it again n again. Our hopes n wishes  which not are not happening to us in real, atleast we watch it in a screen fantasy world n living our dreams n wishes for few hours untill the light gets on at the  Happy Ending. n the getting back to our real life.


The point where i started which i lost now, is that im  not ready nor willing for that fanatasic cinematic pleasure anymore cause of my  my mind.want to do something more ,more ..more in work..more special..more which have more me in it.

As many  does,i too love cinema a lot in from my heart but at the same time the mind knows its just a timepass or a waste of the hours, minutes n seconds of my precious life which i should be using for doing something ,making something, or helping someone or myself which worth the time.

my heart is longing for so hard to watch the movies at the same time my mind is feeling so hard to work in more involiving n passionate way ,and both of which is not happenig is the funniest tragedy.


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